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gortynOne of the most interesting ancient sites of Crete, Gortis (Gortyn) was the capital of the Roman Crete.
The ruins are disseminated on several hectares, a dew part seems to be excavated. Portions of columns appear in many places among olive-trees.

The odeon was excavated, as well as the surface of the Court. The city was still gortyninhabited in the Byzantine times as the basilica Saint Tite (Titos Agios) testifies.

gortynGortyn was prosperous since the VIIth century BC. Hannibal took refuge there in 189 BC, in 67 BC it subjected to Rome which made the capital of an area including Crete and the North-East of Libya. The city was abandoned after the Arab invasion in the IXth century.

Ruins of Gortyn

gortyn in cretegortyngortyngortyn basilica Basilica Saint Tite

gortyngortynancient odeon in gortynodeon of gortyn Odeon

gortyn photogortynancient gortyngortyngortyn - roman theatergortyn court picture Court, theatre ...

gortynegortyngortyngortyn Ancient Gortyn

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