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Ionian islands

ionian islandsDestination of holidays, the Ionian islands are also called Heptanisos which means Seven islands in Greek. There are five more important islands, from the north to the south: Corfu (Kerkira), Lefkas (Lefkada), Cephalonia (Kéfalonia), Zante (Zakynthos), and far from these ones : Cerigo in the south of the Peloponnese, and two smaller islands: Paxi and Itaca.

Being located at the west of the Greek peninsula, these islands differ from the other groups of Greek islands, they are very sprinkled, therefore more fertile, are populated, and with a dense vegetation, olive-trees, orchards, vineyards and cereals mix. Moreover, the culture and the life, are as much hellenic than Latin, having been marked by a long Venetian occupation from the 15th to the 18th century. Each island has its own personality, certain balneal, others more authentic. They all are relatively mountainous.

Corfu (Kérkira)

In front of Epirus and Albania, Corfu is one of largest and touristic of the Ionian islands. The variety of its beaches, coasts and landscapes, its folklore and its gastronomy make it one of most pleasant Greek islands. ionian islands map

Lefkas (Lefkada)

lefkas island This island kept a character of authenticity, less marked by mass tourism than Corfu, it also has among the most beautiful beaches of Greece (see the photographs).

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Cephalonia (Kefalonia)

It is the largest of the Ionian islands, limestone, broken coasts, it offers varied landscapes, dominated by an austere mountain which culminates at 1628m (Enos mount), whose clean species of fir tree pushes on its slopes. With Corfou, it is the most touristic of the Ionian islands.

Zante (Zàkinthos)

Zante is still marked by the Venetian print, more than the other islands of the archipelago are. It is very touristic in the summer, enjoying its luxuriant vegetation and its fine sand beaches.


Cerigo (Kythira)

This island is different from the other Ionian islands, located at the south of the Peloponnese, it is closer to the Cyclades, as well for its geographical position than for its austere aspect.


Ionian islands map

ionian islands map


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