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Access to Ionian islands

Most islands are accessible from Athens by bus + ferry



By plane

several daily flights from Athens.

By boat

Since Igoumenitsa, about 10 departures per day, crossing of 2h
From the island of Paxi: crossing of 3h
Since Patras, via Cephalonia, Itaca, Igoumenitsa: daily, 10h
From Italy, Brindisi, Bari.



The island is connected by a road to the continent.
Flights from Athens, sea link with Cephalonia.



By plane

Several daily flights from Athens

By boat

Patras > Sami (4h)
Kilini > Poros (1h30)
Astakos > Agia Efimia (3h30)
Island of Lefkas > Fiskardo
Island of Itaca > Sami
Connections with Zante in estival season.



By boat

From the island of Cephalonia (Fiskardo, Sami, or Agia Efimia) about 1h.
Since Patras: 5h30, daily
Since Astakos: 1h45
From the island of corfu: 5h
Since Lefkas



By plane: daily flights from Athens
By boat: Since Kilini, several times per day with Cephalonia in estival season.



By plane: several per day from Athens

By boat

Since Pireus (Athens) about 9h
Since Monemvassia, Neapoli, Githio.
Since Crete and Anticerigo



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