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Cyclades islands : Paros

Paros is an apreciated tourist destination. The island is 165 km², formed by a mountain of about 800 m, whose slopes are inclined towards the coastal plains.
At south of the island there is the small island of Antiparos.

The island is known for its beaches. The capital, Parikía is in the North-West of the ancient Paros, the houses are built and decorated according to the traditional Cycladic model with flat roofs, white lime walls and blue closings.
Shaded by the luxuriant vines, and surrounded by gardens of orange trees and pomegranates, the aspect is picturesque and pleasant.
On a rock close to the sea, are the ruins of a medieval castle almost built with the marble of an old temple.
The ancient marks are numerous, low-relief, inscriptions, columns, ... , ruins close to the port, an old cemetery recently discovered.
In Parikía on the main square, there is the main church of the city, Ekatontapiliani (literally: "church of the hundred doors") which the oldest parts are probably former Christianity adoption by Romans (391 AC).

On the north coast of the island, Naoussa (Naussa) forms a sure harbour. Drios, on the south-eastern coast is also a good port.
The three villages of Dragoulas, Mármara and Tsipidos, located on a plain on the Eastern side of the island, are rich of ancient rests, they are called "villages of Kephalos", behind the abrupt hill of Kephalos. On this top, the abandoned monastery of Antonins, surrounded by the ruins of a Venetian medieval castle. The famous marble careers are in the north of the Marathi mountain.


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