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philippsThe ancient city Phillips bears the name of Philippe II from Macedonia, the Alexandre the Great father and the victorious on the Greek allies at the battle of Chaeronea.

Most vestiges came from the Roman empire and Byzantine times. Its prosperity was ensured thanks to its position on the Via Egnatia, with its fertile plain and its gold mines.


Ancient Philipps

Theatre and north district

The walls of Phillips and the theater
Phillips wallsPhillips in Greece

Ancient theatre (IVth BC; II AC)
ancient Phillipstheatre - PhillipsPhillips - ancient theaterPhillips - macedoniaPhillipsRoman Phillips - photos
Phillips cityPhillipsPhillips antic

Basilica (VIth AC)
PhillipsPhillipsPhillips : basilica a atrium



Forum and south district

The Via Egnatia separating the north and south districts
via egnatia

The roman forum (IIth AC)
PhillipsPhillipsPhillipsroman forum PhillipsPhillipsroman forum - PhillipsPhillipsPhillipsPhillipsGreek Phillips : forumPhillips

Phillipstemple of Philippes - forum roman

The Pilars basilica (VIth AC, byzantine)
PhillipsPhillipsPhillipsPhillipsPhillipsPhillipsPhillips : basilica of the pillarsPhillipspillars' basilica

latrins - Phillips

Eastward district : byzantines mosaics of the paleochristian basilica
basilique paleochristian in phillips



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